When we are younger, we are always asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?”. Most of us would answer with careers like vets, doctors, pilots, singers, dancers… the list goes on. But somewhere along the way, we lose sight of those dreams. Of course, we grow up and learn that maybe what you wanted to be when you were 4 isn’t really what you wanted to be and it wouldn’t fit anymore in your adult life. But why stop dreaming? Isn’t there a vocation dream that you would want to fulfill?

Positive Futures is here to reignite your passion and give you the confidence to go the next step in becoming who you want to be. A big part of making a big change in your life is to believe that you are capable of great things and success. The quote “believe you can and your half way there” is something that I firmly believe in.

We are working with participants to find out what, in an “ideal world”, they would like to do professionally. We taking that and together we are establishing achievable goals to get them closer to the job they have always wanted to do.

Email us at positivefutures@blackpoolvolunteers.org.uk if you too would like to make your dreams a reality.

P.s. I wanted to be a vicar/architect/archaeologist when I was younger – I have always multiple interests and have always been very indecisive.