I’m sure you’re like me. You have good lockdown days where optimism creeps in and you think to yourself¬† – YES! It’s getting better! Everything is going to be ok! Then you have bad lockdown days when all you want to do is hide under your duvet, eat several 1000 calories and cuddle your pets until they’re sick of the sight of you and can’t wait for the day you’re out from under their paws again.

But today is already a good lockdown day for me and I’ll share why. The BFriend Project is going from strength to strength. We’re getting to connect with people who otherwise would have had no social interaction outside of their home. The feedback from our volunteer befrienders and call recipients is that these conversations are hugely positive for both parties.

I received a message today from a volunteer befriender to check in and to say she was really looking forward to making her weekly call and how interesting it was to hear about the befriendee’s life and stories. That in itself is exactly what The BFriend Project is all about – it enriches the lives of everyone involved and for that reason it’s kind of low key magical and more than enough to set my week off with a smile.

It’s been said many times and it’s no less true for repetition – we’re not all in the same boat, but we’re all in the same storm. Covid and lockdown is certainly testing us all in one way or another, be it physically and/or emotionally, but maybe all it takes to weather this storm and see the horizon is to know you’re not alone. We’ve got you.



Administration Officer – The BFriend Project